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Keep Records of Balances Due from Friends & Partners

TabTally.com helps you keep records of balances with friends or partners (who owes you or to whom you owe). See an impressive list of features and review some examples of how people use this website. And remember - this website is free to use!

List of Features:

  • Add Contacts - You can easily create your own list of friends or partners by entering their e-mails. If a person is registered, he or she will get a contact request notification from you. If a person is not registered, we will send him or her a registration invitation.
  • Create Groups - You may want to segregate your friends into groups, like School Friends, Sports Friends, etc. You can do that by creating groups. One contact can be in multiple groups. Groups can then be used to create transactions faster and easier.
  • Record Transactions - You can either create a transaction to split an amount between you and your contacts (Split Payment) or you can record a cash payment to or cash receipt from your contacts (Settle Balances). Moreover, you and your contacts are able review the transaction and either accept or deny it. Finally, any change in transaction status is communicated to you so that you have latest information in real time!
  • View Balance - At any point in time, you can see how much you owe to your contacts or how much they owe you. Broken down by each contact and completion status!
  • More - Just check out the site by registering!

And Some Examples of Use:

  • Example of Splitting Payments - You and your friends go to a birthday party and together buy a present. You pay for the present and agree with everybody to split the cost later. TabTally.com will help you record the cost, split it between your friends (Contacts) according to proportions you want and notify your friends about their balances due.
  • Example of Recording Balance Due from Business Partner - Your business partner receives a service from you and agrees to pay at a later date. You may have a great number of such partners. To ensure you don't forget about such outstanding balances, you want to record them. TabTally.com will help you record the balance and notify the partner about it.
  • Example of Recording Cash Receipt - Your business partner sends you check (or pays in cash) against the balance due. To ensure you keep accurate information about such balances, you need to decrease the partner's balance due by amount received. TabTally.com will help you record such cash transaction and will automatically recalculate the balance due from your partner.
  • More - This website can be used in other situations. Take a look at what this website can do and decide yourself how to use it!
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